in the same way as i can say, 'i have no concept of money', yet i can survive just fine in our world, so too can a man survive in the world with no-mind.


be careful with the concept of no-mind, its common to associate it with a cloudy ignorant state

its also common to hold a very small view of karma as well. as one single instance, karma is not too interesting. its like holding a one single dollar in your hand. what's interesting about that dollar is not that it is thin, or that its paper, or that there is some kind of fashioned lettering on its surface, what is interesting about a dollar is that you can use it, others can too, and they can move around, fast and slow, and collect, and disappear... there is a massive dynamic going on as your holding that simple dollar, and its not too difficult to comprehend.

there is a reason my crew commonly calls money 'flow'

Published: September 21, 2009
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