Don't judge a brother by the tip of his flow


its the glowing outer edge.

a being is always giving and receiving on many levels, but our vision is limited in 3D.

naturally things start in the mind, therefore interested minds should look into changing the questions answered by their brains natural problem solving probability matrix.

we are all quite familiar with the run of the mill calculations our brains do, like someone walks up to us, we see their polished black shoes and pressed suit, and probabilistically determine that this person has an important job in business.

the flow theorist uses the same brain system, but turns this system to better uses, by asking different questions to our brains.

one will come to understand the different scopes eventually, but at the beginning the observations can be as simple as, "hurm, I wonder why this guy is wearing a suit at the bar?, is he a douche? or did he meet his friends right after work?"

I initially called this "feeling your way around the 4th dimension", when i began my first experiments with it.

be careful intention and hunger will unwittingly twist your flow perceptions, like a hungry man, looking for food, or a lonely man looking for a friend.

very important flow path: intention --> eyes --> perceive

you don't just randomly precieve sh!t in your environment, you looked for it before you saw it.

Published: October 8, 2009
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