its not just your mind that gets enlightened; fingers and toes too, don't limit your mind!


mind extends into the body, but we take it for granted, and therefore don't take advantage of our 'advantages'.

we know mind gets all over our body, because the 'googles' of cells in our bodies seem to manage themselves pretty well, eh!.ca

if i hold my breath for long enough to kill myself, my body will pass out first, and not let me die. no matter how hard I squeeze my mouth and nose shut, my body will over-ride my squeezing and faint. thats why people have to hang themselves and drown themselves, to take care of that pesky impulse of their true selves. we don't know why, but the body wants to live for some reason. which is fine with me, cause this place is halarious.

unfortunately, our bodies can take unbelievable amounts of punishment, so its hard to do any sort of testing with it, and find out where you are, and what health is.

Some peoples bodies are suffering tremendously, but that persons consciousness has to keep that persons show on the road, and it suffers in silence.

Your cells can talk, but you have to know their language.

Most of us are very familiar with one half of a cells unspoken language.


what do you suppose the other half of their communication with you is?

Published: October 15, 2009
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