a clown is a flow master


how 'you' deal with the clown, is the real show that changes from night to night.

in one minute a clown can have you laughing hysterically, can have you feeling apprehensive, feeling safe, feeling a little insulted, and embarrassed; then on-top of that, squirt some water on your face and pinch your ear; but if done by a professional, or correctly, it will be executed with precision in a very loving and sensitive play by play way.

your being tested, guided, and threaded through a flow. a microcosm of life, an example of living though total and complete uncertainty and change.

A lot of the ancient teachers are still with us, they just changed forms and are hard to recognize sometimes.

semantic note: when the clown takes off their make-up they become regular old flow theorists like the rest of us 3D beings.

Published: October 17, 2009
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