Boy, the lightbulb really screwed the moth up didn't it? Are there moths on their way to the sun now going, "It's gonna be worth it!"

--Bill Hicks

Halarious, and always my favorite Bill Hicks joke, due to its 'portability'.

My intension was not to make you laugh. I am hightlighting Bills Joke because it is so typical of any elementary flowists genuine line of internal questioning.

Why are things unable to see their full potentials?

I have not explored any flowist laws or truths too much, but I suspect that most 3D beings are unable to see their own potential due to their inward cycling flow patterns. This vortex of desire in ?5D? holds, other people, sense objects, and their seeds close to you in 3D simply by the force of the energy you put into obsessing about 'them', consciously or not.

This Ego'ic Vortex Force spins your perception too fast and the real world becomes a blur. I would suspect it is something akin to looking out the window of a fast moving vehicle. Looking beneath you at the ground directly around the car, the 'real world' becomes a blur, but the further you look out, the stabler your perception of the true shape of objects becomes.

How do stupid people function?

Idealized answer of course...

Feelings and Simple Pattern Intuition



They use their flow brains, which I theorize can become amazingly advanced. Stupid People don't need to think, because thinking is not really that important to them.

Who am I to argue? Thinking Sucks! It takes effort, its reading, cutting, lifting and sweeping. Probably identical labour to most trades. I got into thinking, so that eventually I would not have to do so much thinking, and I could learn to just go with the flow.

Published: November 10, 2009
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