the great priests of the first generation, sacrificed much, and in turn birthed our modern world. the second generation of priests had already started forgetting what the word sacrifice really meant... and the blood poured, and still pours.


we live on a self sustaining spaceship, hurling through space. we are here! we can do so much, in this garden. there is generations of soulful work, for us. don't be scared of year 1, for it is also your birth.

the new world is new technology of mind, when we see the garden all becomes clear.

we can look at nature for a lifetime, and not see its nature. thankfully the ancient wisdoms are still here and minds are becoming clear.

gardens are systems, nutrient economics: cultivation, seeding, nursing, sheltering, nourishing, local principals inadvertently supporting global dynamism. through nutrient flows we will develop diverse and vibrant ecosystems; new micro worlds... mountain and forest yard waste slowly silted and collected in river mouths, and nurtured our first civilizations.

new life, vibrant life, will evolve around these new sources of nutrients. life on this earth is just beginning.

waste = food

sandcastles, b!tches, really! there will be elite flows, not much is changing, just you, and what you voraciously feed on.

if any aliens are reading this! doesn't an apple taste sweeter after being well tended?

Published: November 16, 2009
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