As long as we hold onto the notion of the darkness being so thick... it will seem difficult to eliminate.

--Dzogchen Ponlop

"Hey, anyone got a light?"

There is a precise reason why "Light" is used as a metaphor for 'Knowledge' in almost every wisdom tradition.

We are all so close.... Yet...

We are often not inspired enough... so we have lost our conscious connection with the "Illuminating aspects of our Minds".

We are rarely ever excited enough, to enjoy the playful bliss of the "Illuminating aspects of our own Minds".

We are rarely ever caring enough, to surrender our 'egos will' to the "Illuminating aspects of our Minds".

You will know Mind, because it is a total destroyer. The Darkness is only there because of the current absense of Light.

Published: November 24, 2009
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