being stuck in this 3D of space-time, and not getting what we want, when we want it, should not cause as much trouble as it does.


a lot of exceptions are thrown to the consciousness by our senses when our flow is interrupted... and we normally react with anger or aversion. we, as elementary flow theorists must recognize this as an inappropriate reaction, and flag it for the re-work of our flow models.

*side note:

IF symptoms continue for a few more flashes, remind yourself that, "this is my karma and so I let go". IF symptoms persist, go through your life mentally and see whats important for you. Then judge wether this situation its worth getting all heavy over... attach your thoughts to the higher flows of whats really going on*

when your flow model is tight, you barely have to think! its bliss! you just go out and about and play everyday in the game you have created... the mind is free to be aware and wakeful. it should really not be fretting about on this and that, its just a worthless bother. there is a time for everything, but you have to do your homework first, its a jungle out there.

Have patience, and may jah jah bless.

Published: March 07, 2011
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