we feel the music ya, but life has a music to feel too.

--sHon Faery

life has a music. it is vibes like any other. We don't think of the drum, or the guitar, no no we listen to the music. we connect with music when we hear the key and the beat. its a shame we don't connect with our lives in such a natural manner. There is a beat too, thump thump, thump thump, there is speed and cadence to 3 Dimensional unfolding life... there are falsetto's and harmonies, there are off keys and dissonances, but it is music yea, but a type of mental concentration and vibe we have lost.

as far as I can tell, proper mental functioning can be likened to trying to play along with music.

Sure I can think/play a _________ right now, but does it fit the music that playing right 'now', is '_________' part of 'now's' melody?, is '_________' a harmony of 'now'? How fast is the music of 'now' playing? Has the universe finished phrasing? Do I know to wait that extra measure before I jump in? Do I know or feel the key or frequency range to make music with the music? Do I know when that key or frequency changes?

Published: July 03, 2013
Type: Quote, Commentary
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